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There is plenty to do all-year-round here on the East Coast with many tour guide companies offering tours to suit every possible desire – from the likes of hiking, horse riding and sea angling during the warmer months, to skiing, snowshoeing and Northern Light spotting in the winter months.

Feel free to contact us for assistance with research and bookings or have a look here at what some of the tour guide companies have to offer.

The Icelandic calendar offers the following big, traditional celebrations:

  • Christmas and New Year (December – January)
  • Thorrablot Festival (last weekend in January / first weekend in February)
  • Seamens’ Weekend (June)
  • Neistaflug Festival Weekend (August)

Unique to the neighbouring fjord of Neskaupstadur is the Eistnaflug Heavy Metal Concert in July – more details can be found here.

Traditional Icelandic Thorrablot Food